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While it’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it’s also true that you cannot ignore the importance of self-maintenance. Like the eyes are the window to the soul, our skin also speaks for itself. Have we been taking care of it or has it been taken for granted? It tells everything.

How your skin looks also affects your self-confidence since it’s the first things others notice about you. And not just others, it is probably the first thing you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror. If your skin looks damaged, it damages your confidence too!

The skin goes through a lot and still sticks along! Apart from regular stress and pressure, it goes through seasonal changes too. In return, it only demands to be understood, nourished and taken care of. Therefore, Physiogel as some may call it ‘skin in a bottle’ continues to spread the glow on women and provide them with the best possible solution to beat skin sensitivity issues.

In Physiogel’s recently launched digital video, ‘Are you Physiogel Confident’ with Aisha Khan as the brand ambassador, she talks about the connection between good skin and confidence.

Physiogel creams and lotions have been carefully formulated to suit dry/sensitive skin types using innovative science. This is done using the ground-breaking Bio-Mimic Technology which also serves as the brand’s Unique Selling Point, enabling it to create products that strengthen and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The mechanics of the Bio-Mimic Technology along with its resultant products, work wonders for the dehydrated skin.

Keeping in line with its premium and urbane look and feel, Physiogel surprised many A-list celebrities and key influencers by sending a big purple basket full of delightful goodies; Chocolates, cookies, coffee, a hefty supply of the fitting moisturizer, products from the Physiogel ‘Daily Defence’ range that have been making waves in the market – you name it! That too with a signed notecard from Aisha Khan which everybody loved.

Say goodbye to sensitive skin and hello to a more confident you, with Physiogel.

To know more about the recent campaign, watch this space for more updates:


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