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In a noteworthy development, let’s delve into the remarkable story of Sehar Ijaz, who made history as the first Pakistani girl to secure a nomination and subsequently win the esteemed Gold Coast Student Excellence Award.

Originating from Lahore, Pakistan, Sehar’s journey is characterized by breaking barriers and setting a compelling precedent in the realm of filmmaking.


Sehar’s journey to this honor began with her triumph at the National Amateur Short Film Festival in Pakistan (NASFF) last year, where she earned recognition as one of the Top 15 filmmakers, propelling her onto the international stage.

Adding to the significance of Sehar’s achievement is the crucial role played by her success at NASFF. This accomplishment served as the key that unlocked fully funded education at the renowned New York Film Academy (NYFA), thanks to the generous sponsorship of DP World. This sponsorship covered all expenses associated with Sehar’s education at NYFA.

Sehar’s success story

Sehar Ijaz’s narrative extends beyond personal triumph; it underscores the influence of passion, talent, and the transformative nature of opportunities. Her transition from Lahore to the global stage serves as a pragmatic inspiration, highlighting that commitment and diligence can propel individuals to exceptional achievements. As Sehar advances in her cinematic pursuits, her success becomes a point of pride for Pakistan and encouragement for aspiring filmmakers worldwide.

Sehar stands out for her steadfast dedication to fostering creative arts and tackling educational disparities, especially in Baluchistan. Having recently graduated from a women’s university with a major in media studies, Sehar demonstrated not only academic excellence but also dedicated three years to voluntary work with diverse societies.

As the President of the Kinnaird Literacy Society during her final year, Sehar spearheaded a transformative campaign. This initiative resulted in the collection and donation of over 3,000 books to schools, colleges, and libraries in a region where educational access, particularly for women, is limited.

Sehar’s dedication doesn’t just reflect her love for creative arts but emphasizes the influence individuals wield when directing their skills and enthusiasm toward social issues. Her journey stands as proof that success, paired with a sense of responsibility and commitment to community welfare, can be a potent force for positive change.


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