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Pakistan may have many designers, but it only has a few couturiers who burn the midnight oil thinking about their concepts thoroughly. One such name is Amir Adnan. While in the past the leading menswear designer has given an identity to Pakistani clothing globally, now his next mission is to explore the cultural trove of Karachi.

Titled ‘When in Karachi,’ the latest campaign video by Amir Adnan – which also features designs from wife Huma Adnan’s FnkAsia – delves into the rugged urban streets of Karachi where the modern meets the classic, and where wanderlust meets reality.

In such a city, the video directed by Parishae Adnan takes us along with one of TV’s favourite actors Zahid Ahmed, and aspiring model Sabrina Furqan, as they go through the city. The abstract storyline interestingly narrates the journey of the two as they see what Karachi has to offer. They may have travelled outside Pakistan, but to them, the metropolis is a whole new world!


Amir Adnan

Zahid Ahmed and Sabrina Furqan share a light moment.


The concept of this video, along with Amir’s Spring 2018 collection ‘Dawn’, portrays the lifestyle of the millennial generation as it emphasizes self-discovery and exploration of one’s roots. Representing the onset of daytime, Amir’s collection too explores the roots of nature with the rich colour palette of morning hues and the night before. The mix of whites along with blacks, browns and dark purples are a sure winner for anyone looking for the luxe factor.

Juxtaposing the brilliance of the designs with the well-thought-out video, Amir Adnan’s ode to Karachi is just a testament to the designer’s legacy.

Check out the video here:


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