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Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a name associated with Haute Indian couture and is endorsed widely by Bollywood leading ladies. At the recently held Harvard India Conference, the designer commented on women – especially the younger generation – who do not know how to drape a sari. “I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a sari, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need to stand up for it,” he said.

For saying this, the designer was criticized widely, receiving backlash via Twitter and other platforms for his ‘patriarchal and anti-feminist’ comment. People questioned why he would not say the same when he mentioned men not wearing dhotis. Others also commented on his extravagantly priced ensembles.


The designer has since apologized via an open letter on Instagram. “… Allow me to sincerely apologise for the words that I used while answering impromptu questions at a conference at Harvard. I am sorry that I used the word ‘shame’ in reference to some women’s inability to wear a sari. I truly regret that the way in which I tried to make a point about the sari enabled it to be interpreted as misogynistic, patriarchal, and non-inclusive – this was certainly not my intention,” he wrote.

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