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Whenever there is a clash between the two cricketing nations – India and Pakistan – Sania Mirza, ace tennis player and wife of cricketer Shoaib Malik comes under the media radar. Viewers expect her to make an appearance and cheer for her husband’s home country, forgetting the fact that she is an Indian star born and bred there, and our neighbouring country is her identity.

There is no denying the truth that the much-anticipated Asia Cup India-Pakistan match happening today is expected to be thrilling considering recent performances of both the squads. Tweeting about the nerve-wracking pressure, Sania who is expecting a baby, expressed her concern about how unhealthy the stress can be for a pregnant woman. She also urged people to enjoy the vigorous competition in good spirits.

“Soo less than 24hrs to go for this match, safe to sign out of social media for a few days since the amount of nonsense thts gonna b said here can make a ‘regular’ person sick, let alone a pregnant one. Later guys! Knock yourselves out! BUT remember-ITS ONLY A CRICKET MATCH! Toodles! [sic]” she tweeted.



Sadly, we won’t see her rooting for her husband in the stadium, but we can surely enjoy a good game of cricket sans borders.