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Art in Pakistan is slowly transforming the traditional landscape, with more artists coming forward and making a mark, internationally. Just recently a UK based company called the Wagging Tongues Productions dedicated a special project in arts, design, film and performing arts with their newest work titled ‘Aangan,’ (Courtyard) which is a part of the Pakistan Pavilion being featured at the upcoming second edition of the London Design Biennale scheduled to take place from September 4-23, 2018 at the prestigious Somerset House.



The Biennale will witness some of the world’s most amazing and ambitious designers, innovators and cultural bodies gather on a platform to celebrate the power of art and design and explore its role further and how we can transform our future with using art and design as a medium.


Abid & Mariam Majid (Co-Founder Wagging Tongues Production) Courtesy – Asma Salman


“We are delighted to have been chosen to represent Pakistan’s design at the London Design Biennale this year,” said Mariam Majid, co-founder Wagging Tongues Productions. “The Pakistan Pavilion titled Aangan (Courtyard) is a sculptural installation occupying one of the most impressive rooms at Somerset House. Over one hundred cotton garments, hand embroidered and hand stitched by female artisans, will construct a rising helix to a height of almost 4 metres,” she added.

Mariam further went on to explain, “Interactive film projections will create an immersive experience for the visitors as they walk around and through the installation. Through the language of design and craft, Aangan will celebrate the pivotal role of women in the textile industry.”



Interestingly, the installation has been created by local artisans via local textile mills in Pakistan. For this project, The Wagging Tongues Productions collaborated with the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, an organization dedicated solely to empowering rural women by providing them life skills.



For Aangan, sixty women from Kaarvan diligently worked for two months, contributing to an installation that is all set to portray a positive and progressive image of the country on a global stage. In addition to this, for the immersive experience, film projection alongside computational art and original sound design has also been originated, which just goes to show the budding talent from the country.

Hats off to all the contributors for representing Pakistan on a scale as big as the London Design Biennale and we wish for more representations like this on an international forum in the years ahead.