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In a bid to foster responsible content creation, Meta has joined forces with Ali Gul Pir, a renowned Pakistani content creator and comedian. Together, they have launched a podcast series, #CreatewithCare, aimed at encouraging thoughtful content creation and positive online experiences within the Facebook community.

The podcast, spanning four episodes, features candid discussions about building meaningful online connections and the importance of creating content with care. The series culminated in a live recording of the final episode at a Meet & Greet event held at Avari Towers in Karachi on June 29. The event brought together content creators Amtul Baweja and Mansoor Qureshi as guest speakers, who shared insights on the impact of responsible content sharing.

Dr. Priyanka Bhalla, Meta’s Head of Safety Policy for South Asia, participated in the conversation, emphasizing the tools available to Facebook users to enhance their safety on the platform. At Meta, we want people to have safe, positive experiences online, Dr. Bhalla stated. We provide tools and resources to help them enjoy their time on our platforms while staying safe and away from harmful content and unwanted contact.

The Karachi event was a testament to Meta’s ongoing efforts to engage directly with the Pakistani Facebook community. It attracted a diverse group of attendees, including content creators, Facebook Group admins, digital publishers, and small business owners who have utilized Facebook to grow their ventures.

Meta Organized a Meet & Greet For Content Creators at Avari Towers Karachi

Meta’s collaboration with Ali Gul Pir underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a safe and positive online environment.

Check out Ali Gul Pir’s #CreatewithCare podcast in collaboration with Facebook: Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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