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It is pleasant to see at least one rational mind from the fraternity writing about what went wrong at a recent episode of the talk show Tonite with HSY. Unfortunately, it was Meesha herself who took a vague jibe at model Sadaf Kanwal’s take on the #MeToo movement.

Sadaf’s appearance with Amna Ilyas on the show caused quite a stir over social media and rightly so. While she asserted that she has never been subjected to mistreatment of any sorts, the model strays from the severity of a disconcerting issue i.e. sexual harassment and its vile consequences on the victim. Furthermore she resorted to victim-shaming which is where it got out of hands.

You know aap ke saath MeToo jab ho, tab boldo. Baad mai aap ko yaad araha hai MeToo. So I think jab ho boldo. Agar mere saath MeToo kabhi hua tou mai bolungi na aur mai social media pe nahi bolungi mai aap sab ko bataungi, [You know, whenever MeToo happens with you, say it. Why are you being reminded of it later so I think when it happens say it. If MeToo ever happens with me I will say it and I won’t say it on social media I will tell you]” she had said during the show.



It was baffling to see how she didn’t even utter the term ‘sexual harassment/abuse’ once throughout the show and kept referring to it as ‘MeToo’, and then indirectly hinted toward the Meesha-Ali case stating “Baad mei yaad aa raha hai”. It wasn’t just one statement that went down the drain in that talk show; whilst preaching people not to judge others and to embrace their individuality, the two models fervently passed remarks on other celebrities.

However, Meesha cuts the argument down to size today with her apt tweet: “Strong eyebrows.. do not a strong backbone. Pfffft,” she wrote.



Anybody who is familiar with Sadaf’s features knows how she flaunts her strong eyebrows and is known to keep them bold. Well… guess boldness isn’t always beautiful? Let’s just hope celebrities who don’t think twice before speaking take the obvious hint and become socially responsible.