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Dubai Expo 2020 began on October 1 and the Pakistani Pavilion became an instant hit under the theme of “Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures”.

Representing ‘Pakistan’s Hidden Treasures,’ the pavilion covers eight key spaces portraying the country’s history, religious diversity, culture, landscape, and wildlife, among others.

Renowned producer and composer Rohail Hyatt thanked Noorjehan Bilgrami, who co-created the pavilion with Shahid Abdullah, for the trust and opportunity to let him create the soundtrack for the marquee.

“Proud to have created the soundtrack for the Pakistan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020. Noorjehan Bilgrami, Koel gallery, thank you for the opportunity, gratitude to the team and talent,” he tweeted.



Lala-e-Sehrai – Flower of the Desert – the official soundtrack for the Pakistan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 is a contemporary adaptation to four distinct musical styles of Pakistan, highlighting the timelessness of our musical heritage.

“The track in its final form depicts a journey from classical, to folk and then Qawali. The traditional afternoon Raag Bhimplasi performed by Ali Akbar, makes its way to Thari folk sounds drawn from the Tharparkar region, delivered by legendary Mai Dhai of Sindh, reaching a devotional hiatus featuring Ali Akbar and Zain Zohaib Qawal Troupe. The track closes with the sounds of Pakistan; the motherland; its natural heritage from North to South, the cold mountain winds, ever-changing sky and renewed sea. The journey is encapsulated by the cloud-like vocals of Wajiha Naqvi and Zara Madani, and the recitation of Allama Iqbal by Arif Bahalim,” reads the official description on YouTube.



“The Pakistani pavilion saw around 8,000 people visit its colourful pavilion on the opening day of Expo 2020,” reported Khaleej Times.

Afroz Abro, lead programming and marketing at Pakistan Pavilion, told Khaleej Times: “The opening day was much more busy than we expected. While during the day we recorded a good attendance of 5,000 people, by evening the crowd had swelled up and we recorded visits of around 8,000 excited people from around the world.”