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Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed can be seen in a completely different avatar in the second song released from the upcoming film Ishrat Made in China, titled Ishrat Aaya Re. While TickTalk was a romantic dance number, the new song is a rap to introduce the titular character — Ishrat — or perhaps an ode to his theatrics.


Ishrat Made In China


The rap begins with an adaptation of the most viral meme “Aik pappi idhar, aik pappi udhar” and went on to crack jokes. The lyrics have puns, slangs, pop culture references like Tony Stark and Endgame. The video has funny props and neon signs, a hoodie with Armani written in Urdu, frying pans and sanitizer sprays, cool visual effects and a lot more.

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Ishrat Made In China


The rap is written and sung by Ahmed Murtaza. The music composer and producer is Talha Dar who has also mix & mastered the track.

Mohib, dressed in all kinds of funny and colourful attire, is accompanied by Sanam Saeed, who is mostly seen in athleisure outfits. The rap represent Ishrat’s character and his spirit; a guy who is proud of his origin and is full of himself, infamous for being carefree but is confident. He is always ready for a challenge despite having no means to accomplish it, and is full of drama and charisma.


Ishrat Made In China


Ishrat Made in China features HSY, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Kazmi, Sara Loren, Mani, Imam Syed, Shabbir Jan, Nayyar Ejaz and Mustafa Chaudhry in important roles. The film will hit the theaters on 3rd March, 2022.

Watch the song here:


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