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Coke Studio Season 14 is excelling at presenting successful combinations of traditional singers with fellow contemporary musicians, rappers and artists. The most recent track — Muaziz Saarif — brought together a sibling duo that everyone knew of but were never seen performing together. The song features Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi, an electrifying jori of a powerful vocals and charismatic rap artist, in the ninth song of the season.

Curated and produced by Xulfi, who first thought of the idea of a hybrid genre of music. The unusual track is created with the help of Associate Music Producers, ActionZain and Abdullah Siddiqui. The unique combo of these talented artists gave birth to a sound that will be remembered for a long time.

As Meesha shared in the behind-the-scenes ‘The Magical Journey’ video: “Faris and I have been singing and performing together since childhood; we did it all the time in our rooms, in front of the mirror, but we have not done it on professional stage before.”

The two artistic worlds of these musicians have met once again under Coke Studio’s roof where the two siblings spoke their truths unapologetically. It is evident in the lyrics by Meesha and Faris that reflects their personalities and attitudes. The siblings claim their journeys fiercely and stylishly. Video director Kamal Khan has amplified the reality of a dramatic set design with a beautiful one-take video.


Meesha Faris


ActionZain and Abdullah’s soundscape has the energy of a storm gathering. In Muaziz Saarif, they stitch their styles together in a precise patchwork, switching tempos to mirror different moods. ActionZain’s clean, brittle drums are offset by a tabla, mimicking Faris’ rat-a-tat delivery. Abdullah’s orchestral touches let Meesha’s voice spin and fly.

The producers also include real elements of the performers’ personalities, making the song personal. The “hellosample is a Faris battle cry. Meesha’s natural ability to swap between soaring notes and scorching Punjabi rhymes is used to the max.

As Abdullah recalled: “It’s one of those tracks that when we were jamming everyone was jumping – it’s just so big and catchy, just great pop energy.” The song’s elements harmonize to take the performances to another level. “It’s got their je ne sais quoi,” agreed ActionZain “it’s calling the listener to hear something unfamiliar.” That would be the sound of winning.”

Watch the song here:




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