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Hum Awards 2022

It was a night of fun and glamour as the crème de la crème of Pakistan’s entertainment industry came together to celebrate HUM Awards 2022 in Canada.

Gone is the era when making a splash on the red carpet was reserved for the ladies. Whether it is a perfectly tailored suit or something out of the ordinary, men are equally expected to look dapper and classy on award nights. However, it seems that most of our male stars have not got the memo yet.

We fondly wait for them to branch out from basic black tuxedos and have a bit of fashionable fun. But we are afraid to say that fashion definitely needs passion as some of their sartorial risks make no sense. The red carpet of HUM Awards 2022 was a proof.

So, some looks were a hit, some are simply passable and others were a big NO. Here’s a lowdown of how our male stars scored on the fashion meter this time…

The Good

Velvet blazers were a popular choice at the awards night. The best man to ace it was Nomi Ansari who stood out in his burnt orange velvet blazer over a white shirt with black bow tie and black cummerbund.

Ali Rehman Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt wore blue velvet blazers in different shades, paired with black bowties and pants. While Ahmed was seen in royal blue, Ali donned a deeper color with shimmery patterns on it.

Mirza Zain Baig was the only man spotted in eastern wear who did it right. Dressed in Umar Sayeed Couture, the actor wrapper around a beautiful shawl over an ivory kurta pajama and completed the look with horn-rimmed glasses.

Atif was dressed in Gucci by his wife Sara Bharwana. He looked dapper head to toe but the highlight was his hairstyle, a western bolo tie and fake ear cuffs. We can see the effort here!

We like a blazer with a good fit and Osman Khalid Butt’s wacky style was at least adding some flavor to an otherwise boring red carpet. Next time, opt for better sunglasses may be!

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The question is WHY?

Was he going to a wedding and ended up at the red carpet? Shahzad Sheikh wore a floral red sherwani over a white kurta pajama. As much as we like to see our stars donning a sherwani, it should be done right!

What we see: Naumaan Ejaz is wearing a self-printed Indigo blue sherwani with open front and heavily embroidered patchwork. Zaviyar is also wearing a Indigo blue sherwani with open front, multiple pleats, buttons, black embroidery and front pockets (or may be just flaps without pockets).

What we don’t know: It seems like Naumaan Ejaz’s family took twinning too seriously as all three dressed up in a similar shade of Indigo blue. But those outfits are bad, so why?

It was all good, Ali Safina, if we managed to not notice the red bowtie and cummerbund. But is not noticing it even possible?

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