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Atif Aslam

The nation’s hearthrob, Atif Aslam sat with Aamna Isani of Something Haute and reminiscence the singer’s 17-year-long career and his journey of becoming indisputably the biggest singer of Pakistan. Atif Aslam began his career as a singer and was a band member of Jal. The band’s song Aadat which was released in 2002 gained popularity and from there the journey of the legendary singer began. Atif released his first album titled Jal Pari in 2004. His singing career experienced an exponential growth since then. He also has been a part of Coke Studio Pakistan and has many well-known songs including Sajan Das Na, Man Aamadeh Am, Kadi Aao Ni, and the celebrated Tajdar-e-Haram.

The singer also made a name for himself across borders. His work in Bollywood is still appreciated by his Indian fans and his most famous Bollywood songs include Tere Sang Yaara, Tu Jaane Na, Tera Hone Laga Hoon, Main Rang Sharbaton Ka, Tere Bin among others. He is also a recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and was also featured in the Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars, published in December, 2020.

Atif aslam, aamna isani

Atif Aslam with Aamna Isani

Atif also proved his mantle as an actor. He made his acting debut in 2011 in the movie Bol alongside Mahira Khan. Recently, he made his television debut in the drama Sang-e-Mah where he received a lot of appreciate for his acting in the drama.

Atif made interesting revelations in his interview. Here is what he had to say:


Atif talked about the reasons that led him to choosing the script of Sang-e-Mah:

“I never thought that I will be doing (acting) but I did wanted to challenge myself. During the covid period, I wasn’t doing anything and I wanted to do something that was different. As an artist, I felt my work was becoming monotonous. When Momina (Duraid) offered me the script, Saife (Hassan) and Mustafa (Afridi) flew down from Karachi and came to my home. The way they narrated the story, I found it very convincing. ”

“When I was reading the script of Sang-e-Mah, I thought the character of Hilmand was an insane person similar to me. I could relate to his monologues and his poetry and how he would sometimes talk foolishly. Though, I am not a revengeful kind of person…dark and messy maybe.”

Sang e Mah

Atif Aslam as Hilmand

He talked about the challenges that he had to face while shooting for Sang-e-Mah:

“To unlearn Atif Aslam was a big challenge for me. I was used to the fact that we have 7-star hotels everywhere we go, luxury and all that but (for Sang-e-Mah) we had to shoot in a village and we stayed in a guest house that to in winter season.”

“The first night that I was in the guest house, I was looking at the roof and I was thinking about what I had signed for. I couldn’t sleep the first night. After a few hours, I reminded myself this is how I started singing. The places and the venues used to be like this. Sometimes even people would also bully and tell me that I don’t know how to sing.”

“Those 40-days really helped me to unlearn Atif Aslam and learn Hilmand. We shot in the areas of Mansehra, Boghar Mank and Laspiran.”

“I don’t think money is everything. I did it (Sang-e-Mah) for my personal satisfaction,” he also added.

He also talked about how his family was skeptical in the beginning when he decided to venture into acting but were later very proud of him with his performance, especially his wife Sarah.

His take on acting

Atif Aslam’s first role was in the film Bol. “I didn’t had enough role to play with (in Bol). I was just excited to be a part of the film and I was used as a production value.”

atif aslam, bol

Atif Aslam in Bol

When asking to draw comparison between singing and acting, he said:

“In videos, you are just miming and there are fixed moves. There is only so much you can do. But in a drama, as I said, your body has to be in sync with the character and with those dialogues.”

“On stage, it is a different person altogether but you do see a reflection of my personal self as well. It is an act as well because I have to entertain people at the same time and I have to make sure they have their paisa wasooli (worth for money).”

Atif Aslam’s Tajdar-e-Haram was a big hit. He mentioned about the success of Tajdar-e-Haram and said:

“Reciting Tajdar-e-Haram was a risk. My purpose was never to sell religion, I wanted to revive it. Tajdar-e-Haram is part of every concert and every time we get a standing ovation.” 

atif aslam

He also mentioned that he has always been inclined to spirituality:

“If you don’t know (acknowledge) that Allah has given you something and you aren’t grateful for it then you are nothing.”


Atif Aslam made his singing debut in 2009 in the romantic film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, in which he sang two songs Tu Jaane Na and Tera Hone Laga Hoon. 

“I literally used to live there (India). I have a huge fan base there. My fans from India even travel to other countries to watch my concerts.”

His Marriage

Atif acknowledged his wife’s presence in his life and called her ‘the most beautiful woman in the world according to him.’

“Sarah showed me the best side of life. I was a workaholic. She is responsible to tame me down.”

He also mentioned how his music is influenced by his relationships:


Atif and Sarah

“People think I am very romantic person because of my music. But a lot of my music has to do with my relationships in the past and how I never believed in getting married before I have met Sarah.”

About his future projects

Atif is keen on introducing a new genre of music. He talked passionately about it saying:

“Part of it is about encouraging the young artists, part of it is about inventing myself, and part of it is about making my own genre and creating my own music regardless if its a hit or a miss.”

He said he is willing to venture deep into acting and is keen to work in both dramas and films.

“Of course I would love to. Depends on the script and the people I am working with.”

“I haven’t signed any film yet but people are pitching scripts. I don’t mind doing a serious film or a love triangle. It depends on how it is conceived. I don’t want to play a musician but would like to play an angry young man who is hard to get.”

Watch the full interview here:

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