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Pakistan’s film industry is witnessing some big releases these days. While rom-coms and social commentaries are the order of the day, even the animated industry is enjoying its moments, cases in point being films like Allahyar & the Legend of Markhor, Teen Bahadur and now the upcoming animation, The Donkey King.

In what appears – at first glance – to be political satire, we see a common donkey dreaming of being king of the jungle. From the official trailer, that released yesterday, there seems to be a underlying message peppered with humour that is sure to make people laugh. The Donkey King is the story of a donkey named Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu who is ambitious and dreams big but is given harsh reality checks by his father, who is comparatively at a lower stature held by his kind. He’s a dhobi.

The mastermind behind this creation is Commander Safeguard famed director Aziz Jindani. Talking about his latest project, he said, “The Donkey King is an attempt to redefine the animation film genre in Pakistan. It will transcend the category by appealing to children and the child within every adult.”

The director further said, “The strongest point of The Donkey King is its unique, locally relevant story line, tongue and cheek dialogues and characters that are built to last. The content speaks to the kids but consistently winks at the adult, which will make it a worthwhile watch for all age groups.”

One can draw comparisons to the brilliant ass in Shrek (voiced by Eddie Murphy) but that can’t be a bad thing. The donkey is just as relevant to Pakistan, literally and figuratively, and if The Donkey King can manage the same level of humour and satire then it’s a win.

Watch the teaser here: