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Is there anything Hamza Ali Abbasi cannot do? From being active in politics to being an ace actor and hosting talk shows and now writing lyrics, the megastar has it all covered. Yes, you read that right! Hamza has turned lyricist for ‘Kambakht’ which is a duet by Farhad Humayun and Faiza Mujahid.

The song was originally the title track of a shelved project that Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote, directed and starred in, also titled Kambakht. So the credit goes to Farhad for bringing us this fun dance number, which might never have released otherwise.

Taking inspiration from the disco era, the song is all about that voyage and the realization that you are special and can be what you want to be. The music, lyrics, video, concept and costumes are all on point!



“This is a track that always made me laugh while I was making it. I’ve always felt that to be creative I needed to play with sounds and visual material that made me uncomfortable,” said Farhad Humayun regarding his thoughts about the song.

The audio and video are produced and directed by Farhad and in fact, he has also played all the instruments in the song himself.

“I never want to be confined to a sound or identity that works for me or helps me sell myself, so I decided to drop the usual intensity and darkness in my music and approach. I just wanted to have fun with this one and I sure did. Faiza sang great and everyone on set had great energy and good vibes. They were all brought together by Uzma at Native Rock. She’s great at what she does. I always work with the best team”

Faiza Mujhaid, who is equally good, also shared her experience working with Farhad Humayun and singing ‘Kambakht’.

“Recording ‘Kambakht’ was a great experience and working with Farhad Humayun was a pleasure, as he is respectful & sweet. Shooting the video was quite a lot of fun as everyone who was there, knew each other & it was more like a party with a lot of bling! It’s a peppy song, something which I haven’t done in a while. Hope everyone enjoys the funky vibe to it, just like I enjoyed being a part of it! “

Watch the song below: