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Load Wedding is all set to release on Eid ul Azha and Something Haute caught up with the lead cast Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat for a quick Haute Byte session. A lot has already been said and written about the two but what we discovered is interesting enough to write about.

Here’s what we have got.


Fahad Mustafa is well versed in Punjabi



Fahad Mustafa, apart from being a terrific actor and host, is also a quick learner it seems. From what we discovered, the actor is a pro at speaking Punjabi despite being a Sindhi himself. He in fact inspired his co-star Mehwish Hayat into getting the perfect Punjabi accent. How cool is that?


Fahad thinks Humayun Saeed’s pairing with Mehwish Hayat is more like ‘fatherly love’



When SH asked Fahad who he thought Mehwish looked better with, comparing him and Humayun, his response cracked us up. He said, “One is fatherly love and the other is romance, now you do the math. Both look good at their respective places.” We’d like Humayun to respond to that!


We already knew Mehwish likes to song but Fahad can sing too!



We’re all familiar with Mehwish’s singing talent but little did we know that Fahad could sing too. Well, that’s what his co-star revealed when asked who was a better singer. “Fahad loves to sing on the sets and that’s how he unwinds,” revealed Mehwish. Both eventually ended up singing and proved it to us.

Both the ‘Load Wedding’ stars are far from fussy about their wardrobe



Both the stars said that they weren’t fussy about their wardrobe. “The pre-production is done prior to the shoot when all the fittings happen, so there is no such issue,” said Mehwish. That’s definitely not very common among the actors, or is it?


Watch the video here: