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Faris Shafi

Faris dropped his new track, Hum at 2am on Sunday to surprise his fans. However, the rap instantly connected with hundreds because the song is about the singer’s troubled bond with his absentee father.

Definitely not a subject that is discussed in Pakistani music as our content tends to put parental relationships on a pedestal. Hum takes an unconventional route as Faris opens up about his feelings as a kid, a teen and a grown-up man who didn’t get an opportunity to bond with his father. The video features Faris looking outside from a window, while the wall around him is blanketed with thick vines.

Faris Shafi

As the camera pans in and out, Faris raps about his emotional connection with his father which is sort of a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, he is in a serious mood as his world in the MV gets darker and sometimes he is just gazing at the camera, immersed in his thoughts while vaping, making his world go slightly pale. He emphasizes again and again “but you never came through”.

Awais Gohar, who is the DOP of a masterpiece like Kamli, is the genius behind these stunning visuals. Talal Qureshi has arranged the music.

Faris has dedicated the video to his father, Syed Parnez Shafi, who passed away in 2017. For a hip-hop artist like him, it is truly commendable to share his childhood trauma as it would have required courage to put a personal story on a public platform.

Watch the song here:


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