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The daughter of a legend, Asma Abbas, and niece to an iconic queen, Bushra Ansari, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui has shown that she is more than just an actor. She’s also made appearances on TV shows such as “Dharkan,” acted in movies like Wajahat Rauf’s “Chhalawa” or Asim Razza’s “Parey Hut Love”; there isn’t anything this talented actress can’t do!

However, there is more to appreciate when it comes to the talented, Zara Noor Abbas.


Zara Noor Abbas


ST London – the internationally renowned and multi-dimensional beauty brand just revealed that Zara Noor Abbas will be representing their digital persona from now on. “We don’t let anyone steal your look,” says the marketing team at ST London, and they’re right – because you can never own a better outfit than yourself. “Owning Your Look” means being empowered every day with bolder fashion that matches how confident you want to feel in this fast-moving world! The brand believes no matter what goes around, always make sure there’s one thing about yourself that doesn’t change: YOU.

Beauty brands need strong and confident celebrities to wear their persona in this digital age, and Zara Noor Abbas offers exactly that! With ST London, you will always be in power in a world that’s constantly shifting with every new trend. With beauty and skincare brands coming up with revolutionary ideas and campaigns, the way the world acknowledges beauty is changing. ST London is playing a big role in bringing up this evolution by choosing women who have overcome societal barriers and chose to shine brighter than the naysayers.

Zara is the visual representation of “Girl Power.” Considering Zara’s charm and charisma, the brand is moving forward in the right direction by choosing her to be representative of their products. The philosophy behind ST London isn’t only about empowering women; it’s about enhancing the true meaning of beauty and promoting acceptance in society, which we believe, Zara can do effortlessly!

The campaign has spiced up competition in this country’s color cosmetic landscape; sources revealed its first leg went live online followed by extensive PR support as well as branding off-ground for maximum impact.



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With ST London’s bold and classy product line, which is dynamic and feminine in style – they feel as good as they look! Make an effortless choice today with ST London’s flawless makeup products and “OWN YOUR LOOK”.

All in all, ST London is set to shine in an unprecedented manner as they have chosen to collaborate with the graceful, and fierce, Zara Noor Abbas.



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