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Everyone is in the trance of the first look of Sinf e Aahan which gave us a glimpse of the six fierce women who are ready to take on the world. The female leads, played by Yumna Zaidi, Sajal Aly, Ramsha Khan, Syra Yousaf, Ramsha Khan and Sri Lankan actress Yehali Tashiya, are playing military cadets with different journeys but a will to excel and leave a mark.

Though we can’t wait to find out more about everyone, ARY Digital has released first teaser of the drama and introduced us to Sajal’s character Rabia Safeer, and her family who is not supportive of her ambitions to join the armed forces. They believe that Rabia will not be able to complete the tough training of military academy and will run away. We got a glimpse of two new characters: Usman Mukhtar, who plays Daniyal, Rabia’s brother and also a armed force officer and Asim Azhar who appears to be a guy who will fall for Rabia.


Sinf e Aahan

Usman Mukhtar and Asim Azhar


Ironically, Rabia says a dialogue which is a harsh reality for many ambitious women in our society who leave their passion for the sake of tying the knot.

“Marriage will happen if it is bound to happen, but I feel pitiful when I see that I am sitting at home despite being a topper in my department, while girls and boys who were not as competent are conquering the world,” she says.


Sinf e Aahan


The tagline reads “not all women wear pearls, some wear combat shoes” and I insist why can’t women wear both, conquer and dazzle at the same time!

Read: Sinf e Aahan’s first teaser introduces us to six fierce women set to take on the world

The teaser shows beautiful shots where Rabia is training in difficult positions to overcome her fears. It is refreshing and heartwarming at the same time to see a superstar like Sajal running on tracks, learning how to paratroop, doing target practice etc, and finally appear in a uniform.

The drama serial is expected to tap into the transformation of women — who are usually referred to as Sinf-e-Naazuk [the delicate class] — to Sinf-e-Aahan [the iron-willed class] i.e. women of steel. The highly anticipated project is produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz of Next Level Entertainment alongside Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib of  Six Sigma Plus and in association with ISPR.

Directed by Nadeem Baig, Sinf-e-Aahan is written by renowned playwright Umera Ahmed and will air soon on ARY Digital.

Watch the first teaser here: