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Usman Mukhtar doesn’t have many TV projects to his credit but he is loved by his fan base in all the dramas he has worked in. The actor will be seen next in Hum TV’s upcoming drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay as Aswad, and will star opposite Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan.

On the occasion of his birthday, Kubra wished him by posting a picture and an interesting caption on Instagram in which she accepted that he has become her favourite co-stars.

“Happy Birthday to the guy who’s very quickly become one of my favourite co-stars to work with,” she wrote.



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Usman recently shared a personal experience and said that he was bullied and harassed by a female coworker for over a year. Kubra assured him that no matter what anyone says, he is a kind and caring person.

“JoeyBwoy! No matter what anyone says! You’re bloody awesome. Super respectful, kind and caring not only towards your co-stars but the entire crew,” she added.

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But like any good friend, the birthday wish soon took a teasing turn.

“I have tremendous amount of respect for you no matter how bad you suck at playing destiny or maintaining balance on the simplest platforms in gaming. So screw what anyone says. You rock!”