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Now more than ever, we as a society need to stand against femicide. Every day there is news of women being killed by men, making it the most extreme form of gender-based violence. Keeping the recent events in mind, Junaid Khan released his latest song Taqdeer that addresses domestic violence.

The singer turned actor calls the song an ocean of immense emotions, and rightly so. “A very grave issue that I lose sleep over.”



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“When I see and hear abuse, suffering and pain it takes me into a very dark space. The evil that is spreading so fast in our own society and all over the world is the suffering of humans in the hands of murderers, rapists, abusers and the list just goes on,” he stated in an Instagram post.

Through the song, Junaid highlights violence, especially domestic violence and power control.  “The oppressors are so strong and blinded by their own motives that are larger than other human lives. And there comes a point when the oppressed knows nothing better than accepting this painful life as fate. Taqdeer!”

In the song, there are two victims, one is the wife who is abused by the husband and the other is Junaid Khan’s character who is wrongfully accused of the husband’s crime.



Directed by As-haar Azmat the music has been produced by Sarmad Ghafoor. Lyrics and composition are by Junaid Khan.

Junaid made a name for himself as the lead vocalist for the rock band Call. However, his focus shifted to acting and while we love him as an actor, Taqdeer made us realise how much we miss him as a musician.

The star has been ruling the television screen with back to back commercially successful projects such as Sun Yaara, Ishq Tamasha, Kashf and Khuda Aur Muhabbat to name a few. He is also going to make his big-screen debut opposite Mansha Pasha in the feature film Kahay Dil Jidhar. However, we hope we do not have to wait another seven years for a musical masterpiece.

Taqdeer displays brilliant performance and a thought-provoking concept. Junaid’s strong vocals complement the heavy music and the lyrics keep the listener emotionally engaged. It is an excellent song overall and we cannot wait for Junaid Khan to release a full-length album. Keep rocking!

Listen to the song here: