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Many celebrities have become vocal regarding harassment. Actor and cinematographer Usman Mukhtar is the latest celeb to make some shocking revelations on Instagram about harassment and bullying that he says he has been enduring at the hands of a colleague for over a year.

He recounted his experience on Instagram in which he explained that the spat began over creative differences and led to harassment.

“I had wanted to resolve this quietly, in order to not bring negative attention onto a woman, any woman,” Usman wrote explaining that he did not want to come public with the whole situation, but had to.

“I can’t remain silent in good conscience while my character is constantly maligned,” he went on to share, apologizing for the timings considering the recent events. He also added that he does not intend ‘to take away the valid fears and threats women face every day.”


He shared that he worked with this particular artist, whom he has chosen not to name, on her music video back in 2016.

Usman wrote that during the shoot and post-process, they continually had creative differences and had a lot of arguments. In the end, the two decided that the music video would be released but Usman Mukhtar would not be given his due credit as a director.

Since the video in question wasn’t something he could relate to as an artist, Usman was okay with the decision, however, the Sabaat star claims that he has “been harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for 1 and a half years by this woman.”

“My family and friends have been targeted with harassment and disparaging comments especially Amma, my mental health has suffered.” the actor wrote.