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Sikander at his mother’s Cafe Flo during the launch of Tapulicious.

The temptation to put this picture up on my blog was too much to resist, though I admit I should ideally have waited for some more information. Oh hogwash! What more do you need to know than the fact the Sikander – Nur Jehan’s grandson, Florence Rizvi’s son and Sonya Jehan’s brother (he must be cringing at this hijacking of his own identity: sorry Sikander!) – is finally ready to open his cafe for business in Karachi. With food in his lineage and style in his DNA he cannot go wrong!

Xander’s Cafe will be inaugurating sometime in the next two weeks and it will be kicking off with a fun FNO (Fashion’s Night Out for the uninformed) at none other than Zeba Husain’s multi-label store Ensemble. Zeba sure knows how to play the game with panache: first she brought the Carvival de Couture to town. When things got unstable and Indian designers and stars could no longer travel to Karachi then she kicked off the multi-label season Ensemble shows. When these in-house (yet tres-chic) shows were deemed pointless by fashion weeks, she has now gone and announced a promising FNO, that too accompanied by the gorgeous Sikander’s new cafe, which is opening in the Ensemble premises.

Coffee, canapes and clothes…does life get any better?

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