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Lahore top design duo, Nickie Nina will predictably open fashion week on October 20.

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council has announced confirmed dates for the upcoming PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week. The four day trade event will be held (as per tradition) in Karachi between October 20 and 23. The event has been announced as a precursor to Spring/Summer 2012 but several designers have confirmed that they will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2011 collections, releasing the designs in their stores within a month.

With runway shows in the evenings and exhibitions organized simultaneously, the fashion week will also continue to offer textile corporations a platform. Names like Gul Ahmad, Al Karam etc will showcase their Autumn/Winter fabric collections earlier in the day.

Over 24 designers are expected to qualify for runway shows, placing approximately 6 to 8 shows per day. One does predict that Lahore’s Nickie Nina will open and HSY will close with a grand finale. Contrary to rumours passing through the grapevine, Karachi’s top designers Iman Ahmed (Body Focus) and Sonya Battla will not be participating in the event as neither will Maheen Karim strictly “due to a busy schedule” and/or “lack of enough preparation time”.

Nevertheless, the PFDC will be introducing three young fashion graduates from PIFD to the platform. They will be showcasing alongside the event’s regulars.

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