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Designer Wardha Saleem is a known name in the fashion industry. With years of experience, what she chooses to wear is based on her knowledge and what she designs has credibility. We love her creations as well as her personal style. Wardha exhibited her latest prêt-à-porter line ‘What I Wear’ on Saturday at Ensemble in Karachi.

The new line aims to be an affordable line of fine cottons, fusion silhouettes and eccentric embellishments that is reflective of the designer’s own personal style aesthetic.



To find out more about the line, we got in touch with Wardha Saleem.

“I always wanted to make clothes that reflected my own personal style which is minimal yet fun. Clothes that I love to wear myself for everyday life,” shared Wardha in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. She added that her aim was to keep it affordable, young and fun. “‘What I Wear’ is an affordable prêt-à-porter line which is reflective of my own personal style.”

She further shared that it is specially designed for the confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin and ready to conquer challenges in life.

‘What I Wear’ targets the young hearted woman who cherishes and celebrates life each day. “A woman who loves to go out yet want to feel comfortable and easy. Someone who wants to make a statement and is looking for minimal aesthetic options that they can amp up for a day out or keep it easy for daily wear.”

“The line comprises of easy-breezy fusion silhouettes made of fine cotton with eccentric embellishments and techniques. You can either keep it easy or amp it up to make a statement as per your own style sense,” she said adding that it is a must-have and a perfect summer staple for this season and Eid. “The price range we have kept for this line is all under PKR 11,500.”

While businesses all over the world have been affected by the pandemic, it’s great to see our local brands work hard and sustain.

“The spread of Covid has definitely affected the fashion industry,” confessed Wardha. “Major retailers and brands are facing serious repercussions because of this pandemic. Smaller-scale businesses are leading to shut their doors or down-size the manufacturing facilities. Runway shows have been postponed. Weddings are mostly happening on a very small scale and hence all businesses related to it are suffering,” she explained, however, said she’s grateful that things are now getting better for her this year.

“For us, it has picked up this year and things are coming to the norm. Our International clientele has also increased during this pandemic, so we are hopeful and working hard to come up with smarter options for our clients.”



Speaking of fashion choices this season, she states that it is all about taking it easy. “Less is more. Go for relaxed silhouettes and soft monotone colours. Minimal aesthetic with small details that matter,” she suggested also revealing that pants that stick to your thighs and body-hugging shirts are a major cringe for her.

You can check the new line here.