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The news of multi-starrer drama serial Sinf-e-Aahan went viral on social media as soon as the pictures of the cast with its director and producers were released. Fans are overwhelmed to see five dynamic female actors like Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, Syra Yousuf, Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan, together in one project.

The drama is written by renowned playwright Umera Ahmed and is directed by Nadeem Baig. Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz of Next Level Entertainment, along with Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib of Six Sigma Plus have joined hands to produce the drama in association with ISPR. It will air on ARY Digital soon.

Here is everything Something Haute could find about the mega project that stars the crème de la crème of our entertainment industry and is produced by the best team as well.


Will it be like a female version of Ehd-e-Wafa?

It is in the same genre of Ehd-e-Wafa or Sunehray Din. This is like an extension of it but this is about women.


Male cast members

These five female actors have been finalized for the main cast as cadets, but there will be more male and female actors, guest appearances and special appearances as well. The story focuses more on these women and it is not about their respective love stories.

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Production quality

Alif is touted to be one of the most expensive productions in the drama industry by far. And now, Sinf-e-Aahan will snatch the title of the most expensive drama as it will be shot in seven different cities of Pakistan. The mega project’s budget can be guessed by the presence of an all star cast.



Cast, director and producers of Sinf-e-Aahan



Not much has been revealed about the story, but it is the story of five female cadets who will have their own journeys. It is representing the transformation of women who are usually called Sinf-e-Naazuk [the delicate class] to Sinf-e-Aahan [the iron-willed class] i.e. women of steel.



Cast of Sinf-e-Aahan with Hassan Choudary


Find out more details in the video here.