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Mohib Mirza is a name that guarantees something different every time he appears in a television drama. In Neeli Zinda Hai, Mohib is playing a strong-willed husband who has lost his new born and has taken a stand for his wife against the evil schemes of his own mother. However, he is not aware that many other supernatural forces are now a part of his life. Will he be able to understand his wife and the mysterious happenings in his house? We have to watch the drama to find out.

However, in an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Mohib reveals why he chose this script and how is his experience working in a “haunted house”.

“I took us more time to shoot this drama in comparison to any other dramas because there are not many scenes where just two people are talking while sitting on a sofa or other usual settings. There are several details in every scene and a lot of things are happening in the background as well. So, the execution takes a lot of time,” Mohib shared.


Mohib Mirza

Mohib Mirza with Hassan Choudary


How does he manage to find out different characters to play each time?

“There is a big sacrifice involved in this process. Now, I am approached for different roles because I took a long break and didn’t do the run-of-the-mill characters to shatter that image of a ‘bura mard’ [bad man]. I have done my fair share of such kind of roles — wife beater, angry man etc – and then I chose to appear less on screen, earn less and make a few fans and did films like Dukhtar and Bachaana,” he added.

“It’s similar with Amaan; he is not a bad guy and is only victim to his circumstances. The only time you will see him slap Sumbul has a story and perhaps it is also not even reality. You will get to see different shades of his character as well,” he concluded.

Watch the full interview to find out more: