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Jenaan Hussain has established herself as a known name with the diverse range of characters she has portrayed over a period of time. In Neeli Zinda Hai, Jenaan is playing house help Nagina, and we are not sure yet if she is Sumbul’s friend or foe in the grand scheme of things. However, her character has left a deep impression on the viewers and everyone is looking forward with expectations.

In an exclusive conversation with Hassan Chaudhry of Something Haute, Jenaan Hussain revealed much more about the project and how she chooses her roles.


Jenaan Hussain

Jenaan Hussain with Hassan Choudhry


“I try to look for diverse roles or else I get bored easily and then wish that the drama ends quickly. I don’t want to do that because that’s very thankless. But if you have a different role, then you have to work hard till the last day of your shoot and I like it,” Jenaan said.

What was your reaction after reading the script?

“I was scared of it because the role was difficult. To dress and talk like a Bengali takes effort so it was natural to be hesitant. I don’t make decisions in haste so I went home and spoke to Yasra [Rizvi] and she encouraged me to do it as well. I called Hina Dilpazeer who helped me with the Bengali accent, then I listened to the scenes she read for me and then I picked up the accent.”

Jenaan shares an excelled camaraderie with her co-star Sonia Mishal, quite evidently in the video, and they reveal that they have bonded over food.

“It is so difficult to do scenes together now because both of us are always cooking up some inside jokes in our minds when we face each other,” Sonia said. Jenaan agreed and added: “We love to eat together and that is how we spend time on set.”

Watch the full video from the sets of Neeli Zinda Hai here: