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Uzair Jaswal dropped a new song video on Sunday and just as his album title suggested, he is lovestruck!

The song titled Tere Jiya Koi Nahi is one of the nine songs from his new album and the video features actress Syra Yousuf in it alongside the singer.

Uzair had promised that he will make a video for every song of his latest album, and he has kept his word, starting with Tere Jiya Koi Nahi. The song translates to there’s no one else like you, and it is quite literally evident in the video where Uzair is unable to take his eyes off from Syra. Whether they are in a restaurant, outside movie theater or on a roof top, Uzair is enjoying her company to the extent that no one else around is noticeable. The crowd everywhere just disappears and reappears, as the song title echoes, because they don’t matter.


Directed by Uzair’s brother Yasir Jaswal, the video starts with a declaration of love: “In a room full of people, you’re the only one I see”. The video is a fun mix of striking colours and sets, a black and white heavy bike, Syra’s luscious locks and statement earrings, but despite all that, she is the singular entity in spotlight.

The song is a fresh take on being truly, madly and deeply in love. The tune is catchy and peppy, a perfect number to play while going on a long drive or during rainy reason.

Watch it here:

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