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Made of Fuzion

If there is one thing that has us tied up in knots these days, it has to be the similar bios that we’re seeing in every known Instagrammer’s profile i.e. “Made of Fuzion”.

This has pretty much become the highlight of most profiles and pages on Instagram making us curious about what it means or what it is about. Is it a new trend? Is it a dialogue? A new campaign? Guess we’ve got to wait a little to find out!


It seems to be a new movement being created by the matching bios (and also a leaf 🍃) and we’re eagerly waiting for the final reveal as we want you guys to know what this is about as well.

With the kind of different pool of people involved and the anticipation towards this, we sure hope it is something big.


We would love to know your take on this! Let us know what do you think this is about in the comments.


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