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Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif’s passion project, a web series titled Baarwan Khiladi is a sports series, and hence it is a great time to create its hype and release it when Pakistanis are immersed in cricket fever due to Pakistan Super League 7. Mahira Khan has just unveiled the trailer of the project which has an ensemble cast featuring young boys and talented stars.

It is “a story about a small-town boy, Akbar, who loves cricket and has dreamt to play on a national level all his life. His passion leads to his selection in the country’s biggest cricket national league, Lahore Cricket League; upon his journey, he gets to experience it all – the fight against the unjust system, dirty politics, and bias in the industry,” reads the official description of the trailer on YouTube.

The trailer opens up with a news about a tussle between the players of Lahore Cricket League’s champion team Shaheen Eleven which leads to a star player’s resignation. And thus starts the hunt for a new champion by the coaches. Then, enters Akbar, played by Danyal Zafar, along with an entitled brat Jahangir, played by Shahveer Jafry. The two don’t get along and Akbar is forced to sit as a 12th man i.e. baarwan khiladi — while Jahangir is favoured by the coaches. We also get a glimpse of Fawad Khan as a passionate cricketer and Akbar’s mentor who didn’t get a chance to play for the nation.


Baarwan Khiladi

Danyal Zafar as Akbar and Shahveer Jafry as Jahangir


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It seems that Baarwan Khiladi is a film not just about cricket, but includes themes of friendships, rivalry, failures, redemption, jealousy, entitlement, unity, courage and a lot more. It also includes a beautiful romance between Danyal and Kinza Hashmi’s characters.


Baarwan Khiladi


The trailer also gives us a hint of all these elements and promises an entertaining and exciting story revolving around young characters and their passion about cricket. Indeed, it is refreshing to see a storyline beyond domestic issues promoting fresh new talent and mediums.

The cast includes Danyal Zafar, Shahveer Jafry, Kinza Hashmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Saba Faisal, Hina Ashfaque, Mohsin Gillani, Shafqat Cheema, Mira Sethi, Usman Peerzada, Fawad Jalal, Salman Butt, Meer Yusuf, Ali Tahir, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Zarrar Khan, Sajjad ul Haq, Ali Abbas, Waqar Ali, Hammad Akmal, Umer Hayat Chaudhry. Fawad Khan and Shoaib Malik have made special guest appearances.

Baarwan Khiladi is directed by ace filmmaker Adnan Sarwar who has given us films like Shah, Motorcycle Girl and telefilm Aik Hai Nigar. It is written by Shahid Dogar and produced under the banner of Soul Fry Films.

The series is all set to premiere on a local streaming platform Tapmad from 5th March.

Watch the trailer here:




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