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Crystal Records

Producer of Crystal Records Live Adeel Bashir Baloch, who is the lead vocalist in pop rock band KOHI, with his team including Syed Adeel Ali, Sherry Khattak, Sohail Haider, Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi and Sheraz Ali came up with an idea during Covid to start a music record label in the country and as there is a dire need for one. And he also wanted to provide a platform to emerging talented singers to perform alongside the most sought-after names in the music industry. And hence he created one of the biggest record labels of Pakistan and a magnificent show, Crystal Records Live.

The television-based music show brings well-established and emerging bands of Pakistan with myriad of musical influences from contemporary rock, pop, hip hop to traditional folk, classical, Sufi, ghazal, filmi and bhangra music. In a post-pandemic world, the chances of magnanimous concerts of your favourite artists are really likely. But Crystal Records Live is bringing these musicians in your home to present the audience inside Pakistan and beyond with a well-crafted mixture of musical performances.

With the likes of Mustafa Zahid, Uzair and Umair Jaswal, well-known model/actor Omer Shehzad, Soch the Band, Natasha Baig, Abdullah Qureshi, Karakoram band, Kohi Band, Sheraz & Arif, Abid Brohi with Urooj Fatima, Yashal Shahid and many more, there is abundance of talent in the show.

The success of any song or music-based television show is significantly dependent on one thing – the music. Therefore, the producers of the Crystal Records Live include the people who made the Coke Studio, Nescafe and Pepsi Battle of the Bands a success. The Crystal Records Live’s producer is Adeel Basheer Baloch and his team includes Adeel Ali, Muhammad Ishaq Nazir and Sohail Haider. Muhammad Ishaq Nazir and Adeel Ali has played a major part in the success of the Coke Studio and the iconic band, the Strings. Sohail Haider has been known for producing some of the most famous OSTs such as Mere Qatil Mere Dildar, which was awarded with the Best OST trophy in HUM Awards.

Here is the artist line-up:

Music has no language or physical borders. It can transcend any barriers because it is based on emotions and connects hearts at a humane level. The combination of traditional and contemporary genres in the music show covers audiences from the barren deserts of Baluchistan to the high mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan. The filmi genre or the romantic ballads are expected to bring a massive flow of audience from India and Bangladesh.

Hence, the target audience of the Crystal Records Live includes all socio-economic classes. To achieve this, the producers have carefully selected the bands with their unique and diverse following. For instance: Mustafa Zahid has a massive fan-base all over the subcontinent, but the show also features a band Kaky Thousand, an emerging band of rappers from the streets of Karachi.

Crystal Records Live caters to all music lovers in one go and aims to support one of the two things that Pakistanis love with all their heart – music.

The first song from Crystal Records Live is out. Sung by Mustafa Zahid, Bekhudi is a soothing ballad which has won our hearts. Sohail Haider has written and composed the song, while Sherry Khattak is the music producer.

You can watch the song here and add it to your playlist:

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