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A love story without music is like life without a soul. One completes the other in a way that’s truly magical because sometimes music can deliver what words are unable to express. Omer Essa Khan, the director and writer of the highly anticipated (and long overdue) Eid ul Azha release, Babylicious, understands this connection perfectly. Music plays a big role in the film.

Starring Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari, Babylicious promises to be a fresh love story with a lot of drama, romance, comedy, and, what seems to be, great music. The movie’s entire album was recently released online, and let’s just say it has something for all. From a dance number, a love ballad, and a song about heartbreak and sadness, the soundtrack has a variety that caters to all kinds of music lovers.

Let’s talk about the first song that was released from the movie, Man Ranjhan. This soulful track in Nauman Shafi’s vocals is a melodic masterpiece that stands out in the entire album. Do you want to express love this season? Do it with Mann Ranjhan.

Then there is Ghazab Kurriye, the album’s high energy gem. The song infuses classical elements with contemporary beats, giving it a fresh and fun feel. A song that will compel you to move to the beat and sing along with the lyrics. This song promises to be a wedding favourite. Sung by Indian singer Jonita Gandhi and our very own Ahmed Jahanzeb, it has all the trappings of a foot-tapping dance number.


Next up on the album, Ussay Jee Rha Hun by Sherry Khattak and Maria Unera gracefully transports us into the blossoming romance between the lead characters, with impactful vocals and beautiful lyrics.


Rounding off the album are Ranjhay Ko Na De Saza by Asad Rasheed, and Alvida with vocals by Richie Robinson. Both songs showcase the vocal prowess of the singers and delve into the theme of being away from your beloved. The latter will surely leave you teary-eyed.

The Babylicious album has come together because of the talented composers and producers behind the soundtrack. Credit goes to Adrian David Emmanuel for composing and arranging all the songs in the album and Bilal Wajid for programming the songs, with the exception of Alvida.

The Babylicious music album encompasses all the essential elements of a romantic film. It offers captivating melodies that evoke love, heartfelt compositions that portray separation, and a captivating dance number to keep viewers enthralled. The music has gotten us excited for the movie, and we can’t wait to watch it this Eid ul Azha.

Watch the trailer here:

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