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Nooran Makhdoom, it’s more than apparent, wrote Tere Bin as the usual family drama revolving around a cousin marriage, a malicious third wheel, intrigue, betrayal and romance. There would have been nothing extraordinary about this drama had the winds of favour not blown in Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi’s direction, making them and their onscreen chemistry the reason for Tere Bin’s astounding success. The popularity of the characters stemmed, not from how they were written, but how they were tweaked and ultimately performed.

Murtasim Khan especially, one has learnt from credible sources, was more or less reconstructed by Wahaj Ali. Perhaps he was originally written as every other male lead – problematic – and even after modification, one did see toxicity fall through the gaps every now and then. A slap here, an angry glare there, a dangerous rooftop scene etc. But by giving Murtasim a charm and soft side, a romantic edge, wit and a sense of style, he became the dream man.

This dream man could not have committed marital rape, as had evidently been written into the story, and one can’t help but wish that when Wahaj was crossing out the multiple slaps Murtasim gives Meerub, he had crossed out marital rape too. How that slipped through both Wahaj and Yumna’s better judgement is mind boggling but it did. And by removing it now, without reshooting the scene, the story has become one big unfortunate mess.

Ideally, Meerub should have returned to Hyderabad for Mariam’s wedding to happily unite with Murtasim. We should have witnessed some love and flirtation over the tearing up of that wretched contract. We should have seen some romance, some passion, something, anything but violence and tragedy.

Episode 47, of course, made no sense at all.

In rewriting the scenes, episode 47 should have – I feel – progressed as follows:

Murtasim closes the door, in anger and fury, leading us to believe he will assault Meerub, but he turns around and breaks down. He weeps, while declaring his love for her…at their lack of trust in each other, in their ability to constantly hurt each other. Meerub, for once gives in to the moment and falls in sync, pulling out that contract and tearing it up.

Cut to the next morning, we see Murtasim and Meerub in bed, as Meerub’s phone rings and she picks up Saba’s call to learn that Rohail has been killed on Murtasim’s orders. Unable to process and digest this information, and behaving as Meerub would, she picks up and leaves, vowing to never return to a man who can stoop so low.

From here the story would (albeit frustratingly) continue with Meerub’s pregnancy, time lapse and eventual reconciliation and happy ending.

As of now, we have two people killing themselves over the inexplicable guilt of consummating their marriage, which makes no sense at all. How this story is going to progress and end, is now anyone’s guess.


  • Avatar Arushi says:

    Aamna idk how but I had the same thought and I honestly predicted that the story would eventually lead up to having 2 separations, one after Mariam’s case and one after she finds out rohail got killed on murtasim’s orders. This would have given justice to the audience as well and created drama and hype for them to be reunited making the production happy.
    And why now ? The writer Nooran, couldn’t figure out that people adore and worship MURATSIM’s character? Wahaj and Yumna could have too spoken about it and should’ve convinced them.

  • Avatar Sana says:

    Aamna u should write a serial,maybe a short 4 episode or 6 episode serial. All our writer’s have lost it completely and imagine the writer of tere bin was laughing at fuschia’s interview saying ‘ ap logo se aik contract hazam nahi horaha agay kese hoga’ and she seemed so excited about it! I don’t know how yumna and wahaj agreed to marital rape, ifs beyong any reasoning

  • Avatar Dipika says:

    Aamna, that is such a wishful take had it happened! While we appreciate the production team for listening to the audience, we must acknowledge the fact that dramas are watched and rewatched after it ends. So a little more effort could have been put in to salvage the situation. Stopping transmission for a week and taking the time to fix it would have been appreciated so so much!

    My dream fix, with minimal reshoot :
    Episode 46 : keep as is
    Episode 47 & 48 : Air Mariam’s track with loads and loads of flashback (as they do anyways). Probably include a few family scenes and flashbacks and slowmos of mother daughter etc. Include ep48 Naurez’s confession etc, just edit Murstasim out. (He anyways didn’t speak a word)

    Use this week to shoot just a romantic scene of consensual consummation of marriage by Meerub and Murtasim where Meerub tears the contract.

    Episode 49 : Murtassim shuts the door in fury, but Meerub rushes to the door opens it and leaves furiously from backdoor (no one sees as ppl are busy in Mariam’s rukhsati) Flashback scenes of the contract being torn and consensual relationship, right before Meerub walked Mariam down the aile.
    Meanwhile an angry Murtassim punches the mirror etc.

    Episode 50: continue whatever is shot.

    Atleast this would have ensured consensual relationship romantically + made sense why Meerub was furious seeing Haya as she thought right after they consummated Murtassim called Haya in their room (stupid but lesser than now) + they continue with their child angle and use all the footage they have.

    I know its stupid and naive, but truly believe its better than whatsapp voiceovers used now! Plus the amount of love this drama is getting deserves the minimum cost and effort required for a more logical salvage situation

    • Avatar Dipika says:

      Though your scenario is much better than mine, so is your writing ❤️

      I just had to vent out my wishful thinking somewhere, so thanks for the platform

      Much love and appreciation for your work

  • Avatar Anu says:

    Seriously so many different ways this could have been handled. Murtasim could have been shown that he was super angry and holds her tightly but seeing Meerub scared and crying realizes what he is doing and stops. In this moment of anger and sadness he confesses and Meerub also realizes how stupid she has been all along and just hugs him. Cut to they have a mutual consented happy consummation.

    And later on due to Hayas another plotting they drift apart. But alas! They chose the most stupidest ways to destroy the story and our fav characters.

    Also character of Murtasim has many flaws. If we take out Wahaj then nobody will like him. Ppl are liking only because of Wahajs personality. He has brought it to life. Otherwise this character is also messed up like others. Murtasim is no saint.

  • Avatar Fatima K says:

    this is pretty good, I strongly agree with the part “We should have seen some romance, some passion, something, anything but violence and tragedy.”

    My delusional self still hopes that the baby is not theirs, because that would mean that we will never get the proper “falling in love” and “getting to explore each other as lovers” part and we would be taken straight to the climax where they’ll just “reconcile” and be good parents and that would be such a let down. I don’t want a baby rightnow (for MEERASIM, LOL).

  • Avatar Sammy says:

    I had previously predicted this too that reason for separation would be that after meerasim both consummate marriage they gry to know rohail was killed and in anger meerab leaves him. If they want they could have still done that where they can in future episodes show flashback of murtasim receiving a call from baktu that rohail is dead just after meerasim consummate and meerab is in shock and regret of consummating with him when he could do something like that and do she left him. They can fully take advantage of the fact that didn’t show any conversation or anything of what happened after he locked the door by revealing truth in flashbacks.

  • Avatar Ilma says:

    Aamna you are a great story teller maybe you should start writing scripts

  • Avatar Jaz says:

    No matter what anyone says, the FACT is that we all fell in love with the world that Nooran created irrespective of it being bad or ugly. It is her story and her creation. She has the right to say the story the way she wants to.

    Are you going to tell me that EVERY STORY TOLD in the world is PERFECT. All characters in stories have graphs and arcs. NO, THEY DON’T. Bottom line is that does the audience fall in love with it or not. In case of Tere Bin, we all have to the point that it became irresistible.

    But what happened in the last week is a plain case of BULLYING and HARASSMENT by the audiences. MOB MENTALITY & CANCEL CULTURE ARE SUCH AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS SNOWFLAKE GENERATION.

    We live in the world of unregulated content with the Internet, Netflix, Amazon and may such platforms across the globe. It is joke that the audiences found Tere Bin offensive.

    At the end of the day, these are fictional characters created by the writer and it is the writer’s prerogative to take the story wherever she wants to. DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH IT.

    Just goes to show even educated lot here at the end of the day are part of this current mob culture and knowing or unknowingly are bullies.

    TOLERANCE HAS BECOME A RARITY ALONG WITH THE ABILITY OF PEOPLE TO AGREE TO DISAGREE! Same sensibilities drive lynchings, boycotts, honor killings, religious & political intolerance in the real world.

    • Avatar akanksha says:

      LOL are you the writer who wrote this. This is beyond pathetic as to what are you trying to say. MR is not a joke and it shouldn’t be used as a joke. You want to show real stuff, then at least be responsible in showing it.

    • Avatar VVgg says:

      Sorry , I think you are being a contrarian yourself in your own words ‘the bully ‘ here . These are our opinion and we are vested in the non toxic alpha hero for the first time brought to dust by the whole team . Careless incorporation of Marital rape was voiced for all the women and men of the subcontinent to not normalise it in their lives .
      So if anyone needs not to part take admonishing our space of opinions is you and you were not asked to come and comment either on Amna’ article . So get charged elsewhere !

    • Avatar Aliya says:

      A writer had the right to write a story and tell it however they want. At the end of the day – these are fictional characters. We can not write the story for the writer. I mean – go write your own lol. The episode where they consummate their marriage is open to any interpretation. What started as passionate anger, could have changed to just passion and feelings they have for each other finally breaking the dam they keep on their feelings due to each having a huge ego. However, the guilt and shame – is due to breaking the contract, ego comes into play again – how comes I am so weak I couldn’t control myself? And finally Meerub running away is because she had proudly said – the day I break the contract I will leave you Murtasim, so that is what she does sticking to her own promise. So, what happened – anger, heat, passion, shame, guilt could all be natural in 2 people who love each other but are blind to it and obstinate. Anyhow I’m glad it wasn’t the story of Thomas Hardy’s Tess, but rather consensual.

  • Avatar Tahira says:

    I don’t know why you think killing Rohail would have been better than marital rape. In my opinion, both are equally heinous.
    Your scenario however is fine as long as Rohail was beaten badly and gotten admitted in ICU. Maybe Saba tells Meerab just when the couple was done with love-making. (Closing door and reshooting an I hate you/I love you moment would support the transition from anger) Then they would get into an argument and Murtasim would be enraged at how concerned Meerab was for Rohail. Maybe she compares the two and says Rohail would never be that heartless bla bla..that aughta justify Murtasim’s outrage in washroom.

  • Avatar BinteHawwa says:

    Amina mam it’s a request to you , please contact Tere BIN team and suggest them , infact insist them to add an additional scene that shows consent part. what happened after the door closed by murtasim. This scene will be in the last episode As a flashback when Meerub and Murtasim would meet again .
    The 46th episode: when Murtasim closes the door in anger, he tried to molest Meerub to tell her only what he could do and what can do. But then he pushes her back and crying and said angrily:
    Murtasim: “Tum meri muhabbat to Kiya meri nafrat k bhi qabil nahi ho. Mai ne hamesha tumhara sath diya lekn tüm kabhi Khush hi nai hui. Tüm ne hamesha apni mann mani ki. Jab Mai ne tumhy ruhail k flat pr usky sath akely dekha to mjhe bht gussa Aya tha. Mera Dil khoon k ansoo ri raha tha Lekin Mai ne tumhy thapper nahi Mara blky uss ruhail ko Mara kiyun k Mai Tum SE mohabbat krta hun. Pr tum mujhse mohabbat nai kartı kabhi ki hi nahi is Liye tüm ne aj mujhy thapper mara, Haya ko nahi. Kiyun k Tum ye rishta nibhana hi nahi chahti. Chahy Mai Kuch BHI KR lun tumhy mujhse mohabbat nahi Hogi kiyun k tum Krna hi nahi chahti ho. Tumhari jagah agr koi patther hota to wo bhi pighal jata. Tüm ne to ye shadi sirf badla leny k liye ki thi.
    After that Meerub realize that she did wrong.
    On the other hand, Murtasim said in a little bit of anger:
    Murtasim: ” thek hai agr tum ye rishta nahi nibhana chahti to Mai BHI ab tumhy majboor nahi karunga. Mai Murtasim Shahnawaz Khan apny pury hosh o hawas Mai Meerub tumhy Tala…”
    Then Meerub puts her hand on his mouth,
    Meerub: “Nahi Murtasim nahi, Mai aisa nahi chahti. Aisa na karo. Mai….”
    ( Murtasim ghussy se uska hath hattaty huye kehta hai)
    Murtasim: ” Kiyun…ab tüm aisa kiyu nahi chahti. Tüm to nafrat krti ho mujhse. Tumhy meri mohabbat bhi jhooti lgti hai. Tüm mjhse piyar bhi nahi krti to pair Kiyun….
    ( Meerub interrupt him and shoutedly said)
    Meerub: ” Krti hun mai tum SE mohabbat… Krti hun….”
    (Murtasim hairan ho KR Meerub ko dekhta hai)
    Murtasim: ” Jhoot…” Tum ye SB sirf isi liye keh rhi ho ta k Mai tumhy talaq na dun or tum apna badla pura kr sko.
    Meerub: “Mera yaqeen kro murtas…..”
    Murtasim: ” Mai kaisy yaqeen kr lun tumhari mohabbat Ka… tüm ne to aj TK aisa Kuch Kiya hi nai. Mai ne to qadam qadam pr apni mohabbat ka saboot diya… tüm ne to aj TK mere Liye Kuch bhi nai kiya…” . ” Mai ne tüm SE kaha maryam k mamly SE door Raho pr Tum mujhe jhoota smjh kr us anas k ghr uss Sy milny chali gai….. Kitny piyar SE iltaja ki thi Mai ne us raat tüm SE phir BHI tüm ne maryam ko bhaga diya… Kisi ajnabi SE Kiya hua wada nibhany k Liye tüm ne meri baat ko radd KR diya….mera dil torr diya…”
    ” Sırf yehi nahi… Bs ek wada nibhany Ka kaha tha k phir kabhi ruhail SE na milna… Lekn tüm uss SE mili… Uss k sath car ki front seat pr beth k gai….” . ” Or Tum Keh RHI ho Mai tumhari mohabbat Ka yaqeen krun. ”
    ” Kiya saboot hai tumhary pass apni mohabbat ki sachai ko sabit krny k Liye… Haan Kiya saboot hai… Bolo?
    Meerub: ” Saboot chahiye tumhy?…. Thek hai…”.( Ye kehty huye Meerub bed ki daraz SE wo contract paper nikalti hai or Murtasim k saamny ussy phaarr deti hai) . ” Kiya ye saboot kafi nahi….”?
    Murtasim: ” Iska matlab jantı ho Tum…?”
    Meerub: ” Haan .. bht achy SE janti hun”.
    (Meerub Murtasim jo azmati hai usy lga tha k Murtasim qareeb Nahi aye ga ).
    On the hand, Murtasim was thinking that..( Meerub ye SB sirf mjhe dikhany k Liye Keh rhi hai wo khud mjhe khud SE dur KR dy gi).
    Dono ek dusry ki mohabbat ko azmany k Liye ye SB KR guzry.
    After they realized that they did wrong in that manner. And they regret on their own actions .
    Murtasim ko pachtawa hai k us ne Meerub ko is tarah Kiyun azmaya … Wo it a kaisy girr sakta hai.
    Meerub ko pachtawa hai k wi ek lamhy Mai itni kamzor kaisy prr gai. Apni huge ego ki wja SE Wo ye accept nahi KR RHI. Apna ehd khud hi torr diya usy is baat ka regret hai. Or wi ghr chorr kr chali gai.
    Then This drama will be logical.

  • Avatar Chunni says:

    Episode 47 was a washout.
    Your recommendation is good, anything rather than what they showed.
    But now in 49 and the promo of 50, they are dragging dragging and dragging for no reason whatsoever. Very bad thought process, and I will blame the writer primarily.
    Having invested 49 hours of my life, not to mention the reviews etc, I feel sad that an enjoyable and good fun experience has turned so bizarre.
    And now what does Murtasim mean by saying to Haya that meerab’s ring will be yours eventually if we cannot find her? I’m very unhappy about this insinuation.

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