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Child abuse is an evil that exists worldwide, however, the cases reported are nothing compared to the real numbers. Every day, there are numerous kids who become victim to such episodes, but a few incidents lately shook hearts and forced the society to speak up and create awareness. One such case happened in January 2018 when a young child named Zainab was raped and murdered in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.

The incident received international attention for highlighting brutality against children. And now, local TV channel APlus has announced that they will be making a television film, Zainab Kay Qatil (Zainab’s Murderers) based on the case, aiming to highlight the evil and create awareness!



Suhail Sameer is going to play the role of Imran while Hamna Amir will portray Zainab’s character. It also stars Irfan Khoosat and Saba Faisal among others and will be releasing soon.

Zainab Kay Qatil is penned by well-known writer Umera Ahmed, who also developed Qandeel Baloch’s tragic story for drama serial, Baaghi. Zainab’s rape and murder is an incident even more sensitive than Qandeel’s life and death and so one hopes that the tele-film will handle it with care. Let’s hope Umera Ahmed can do justice to Zainab’s tragic story and create awareness around the issue of pedophilia, which is on a dangerous rise in Pakistan.

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Udaari, written by Farhat Ishtiaq, also tackled the issue of child abuse. Umera Ahmed first tackled the issue of child abuse in Behadd (2013), the Asim Raza directed tele-film that featured Nadia Jamil, Fawad Khan and Sajal Aly.