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Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor faced India’s most vitriolic and anti-Pakistan anchor on Republic Television last night and spoke of peace between Pakistan.

Rishi Kapoor is quite a controversial Tweeter; it’s impossible to say who he’ll defend or oppose on any specific day. When it comes to relations between India and Pakistan, he has been extremely critical of Pakistan but then again, he has defended Pakistan every now and then too. This interview with Arnab Goswani was one such occasion when he spoke in support of peace between the two countries.

“This fight has to end some day,” he said, referring to relations between India and Pakistan as a ‘jhagra‘, a term used when two friends squabble. Goswami tried to grill him on using the term but Rishi Kapoor, who can be just as loud if not more, didn’t falter.

“I love this country but how many widows and orphans do you want to see,” he said. “People are dying here and people are dying there (in Pakistan).”



One year after the Uri strikes, Rishi Kapoor tweeted in favour of Pakistani players being included in the IPL.

“I was shocked when you Tweeted that,” Goswami accused. “It was so insensitive. Would any Pakistani star behave like that? Tell me one Pakistani star who takes an anti Pakistan position?”

“I don’t even know if they have any stars in Pakistan, please,” Rishi Kapoor said in response. “There are some actors who are very popular…”

The conversation eventually steered to working with Fawad Khan, to which Rishi Kapoor reiterated, “I worked with Fawad Khan. If I can work with a Pakistani actor than why can’t our team play with Pakistani players?”

We love that Arnab Goswami met his match in this interview and did not manage to cower Rishi Kapoor down – as if any can. The two discussed a lot more in the full interview, including how abusive Rishi Kapoor can get on Twitter. “I am what I am and will not change,” he said. “If you don’t like it, don’t follow me.”

Rishi Kapoor’s undiplomatic, uncensored views are actually delightful at a time when everyone is trying to be politically correct. That said, Sir, Fawad Khan is a star, you may want to acknowledge that too!