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Singer turned actor Gohar Mumtaz has been absent from our television screens for quite some time. Not many were aware that he was busy working on his debut film project – Abhi – for almost six years. He has conceptualized and produced the film, and this will be his big screen debut performance with Kubra Khan as his leading lady.

The new onscreen jori will be seen for the first time together and by the looks of it, they make a charismatic pair. The teaser of Abhi shows how life is viewed differently by individuals. While one (Goher’s character) believes that life always gives a chance to everyone, hence destiny is in your hands, the other (Kubra’s character) believes in the present. She lives in the moment and thinks that all we have is now. The two will have a tumultuous journey, in order to find which of their beliefs aptly define their lives.




The teaser depicts hints of romance in the middle of lush green valleys and mountains, and under a starry night. There is action with military personnel, fight sequences and perhaps a mysterious disappearance followed by yearning, all beautifully shot at breathtaking locales by Asad Mumtaz. Known for the role of Guru in Parizaad, the cinematographer will also be making his cinematic debut as a director in this film.




In an earlier interview with Something Haute, Goher revealed that Abhi is a romantic thriller with a patriotic message.

“Please do not come to cinemas to watch Abhi if you are looking for item numbers to watch women in revealing outfits. This film does not objectify women. I have done my research on what’s really affecting our cinemas; the film will be a thought-provoking process with lots of fun, romance, and great music to it,” he had said.

“We cannot revive the cinema until we connect with the viewers with better content rather than copying Bollywood films that people have already seen. People will come out and watch films when you show them who they really are as a nation,” he added.

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Goher is not just invested in the film as the main lead, but he has written the story and composed a dreamy musical soundtrack for the film. Two songs that feature in the teaser, sung by Goher, have the power to hook listeners within a few seconds. ‘Mein Laut Aonga’ particularly leaves a hauntingly beautiful impression.

Renowned director Shoaib Mansoor has also contributed in this film. Goher has credited him as his script mentor. He has also written the original theme song of the film titled ‘Ab Hamari Baari Hai Sir Jee’.

“He (Shoaib Mansoor) gave a reality check to the script while I was writing it with the very talented Shoaib Rabbani, who helped develop the screenplay,” Goher said, adding that Kubra was a wonderful star to work with.

“It was a great working relationship with her. I made her sing a song too.”


Abhi cast

Asad Mumtaz, Goher Mumtaz & Hareem Farooq


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tanya Wells, and Aima Baig have also lent their vocals to the film. The cast includes Mehmood Aslam, Usman Peerzada, Saleem Sheikh, Hina Bayat, Adnan Shah Tipu, Asad Mumtaz amongst others. Hareem Farooq will also make a guest appearance in the film.

Ali Chaudry and Goher Mumtaz have produced the film, while Khalid Iqbal is the executive producer. Shoaib Rabbani has written screenplay and dialogues.


Watch the teaser here:

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