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Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza appeared in a drama, Firaaq (2014) and later made their big-screen debut with Bachaana (2016). The duo won lots of appreciation for its onscreen chemistry and now is all set to make a mark on TV screens with upcoming drama Deedan.

“It’s a story set up-north, it’s about their culture and traditions and highlights the importance and value given to family honour and the consequences of breaking certain codes,” Sanam had earlier revealed to Something Haute.

And now, the actress has shared the first teaser on Instagram:


While Mohib shared the second:

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The posters released earlier look pretty intense and the teasers only makes the drama seem more promising. The short clips released depict a fierce love story and a fight against customs and traditions where Resham (Sanam) has been sentenced to be stoned to death by the tribal jirga and Mohib Mirza’s character becomes her saviour.

But will they be able to fight against the odds?

Directed by Amin Iqbal, Deedan will also star Ajab Gul, Rasheed Naz and Huma Nawab. The drama is expected to air by the end of September on A Plus.