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Cyberbullying and trolling have become a hobby for many and celebrities are often their easiest target. From their professional career to their personal lives and even their appearances, everything is constantly on the radar. It’s no surprise then that in recent times, many celebs have reported depression stemming from this evil.

The latest celebrity to fall prey to trolls is Ayeza Khan but we are pleasantly surprised with how she kept her calm while responding to their questions. The actor — who is known for her super hit dramas and fabulous transformation after giving birth to her two beautiful babies — was asked on Instagram if she has undergone cosmetic surgery or got skin whitening treatment done.

“Hey no, Alhamdulillah I am thankful to Allah I haven’t got any surgery done nor have I used skin whitening injections,” Ayeza responded. She also wrote that with time people learn to look their best and that’s the case with her, adding, “We have better cameras now,” followed by a laughing emoji.




Another Instagram user asked what she’s done to her nose, to which Ayeza responded, “I would suggest you to go and get your makeup done at least once and you will understand everything completely.”


It seems people still don’t understand the power of a talented makeup artist and a good photographer. What are your thoughts?