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When we think of talented female singers in the country, multiple names pop up in our head. One them is Momina Mustehsan, who has created history by becoming the first Pakistani female singer to cross 100 million views on YouTube.

The Afreen Afreen girl has been a source of pride for the country but do you know that she still finds it hard to believe she’s a celebrity? “I don’t want the pressure that comes with it. Where you’re expected to dress a certain way, always be on point and always be impressive or super dressed up and you know all those stuff that people expect you to be… or larger than life. I mean I feel like, there’s nothing in my life that screams any of that,” she said during an interview with BBC Asian Network.

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Momina became an internet sensation right after her first appearance on Coke Studio. However, all that fame made her a victim of cyber-bullying too. “A lot of people put me down and cyber-bullying is a real thing,” she said, adding that she was bullied to an extent where she started believing that there’s nothing good about her.  “I started believing that I don’t know how to sing.”

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All the trolling made her stop believing in herself which led to severe depression. But she fought back and here she is making more music and not caring what anyone says. “Who says that a certain style of singing is the right one and my expression is not the right one? That’s my expression what makes it different.”