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PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is over, done and dusted and we have fashion week related stories coming out of our ears by now. But before we move on to other mundane things in life, I want to take a minute and express how much we appreciated the Sunsilk Survival kit, how it helped get through 7 long and tedious hours at the venue and how we can hope and expect it to get slightly even better next time.


The Sunsilk Survival Kit included:

1. One notepad and a ball point pen: Essential for the frowers, this was useful and should be put in even next time, until and unless Sunsilk is willing to upgrade to iPad minis. Check.

2. Hair-brush: While no image-fearing fashionista would be caught dead brushing her well-groomed hair at fashion week, this was a good give-away. Check.

3. Alpen bars and Mentos gums: For a much needed quick fix of sugar, energy and mouth freshener, yes very useful. Check. I have to add that a packet of nuts would be more desirable than Alpen bars.

4. Chapstick: Only for the boys. It’s lipgloss or lip balm for the style-conscious ladies so while the thought did count, I don’t know anyone (except for the boys) who actually used the chapstick. How about a trip to Body Shop next time, guys?

5. Panadol: Thie single most useful, almost life saving item in this Survival Kit was the strip of painkillers. Whichever genius came up with this idea needs to be applauded because after several hours of thumping, unbearably loud music, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. And it came with the essential bottle of water. Double Check. By the way, since prevention is better than cure, can the sponsors please throw in a pair of ear plugs too?

Some more ideas: A compact or hand mirror, ear plugs (important), coupons to the Magnum Bar and Cosa Cafe (because no one wants to spend money, right?), Back-Up battery (I know this would be slightly pricey but it would be very useful to at least have a charging kiosk at the Sunsilk Lounge), Portable wifi devices that actually work or a source exclusively for social media activists. Something a little easier to get would be wet wipes. It would be great to add deodorant to the kit (because unfortunately some fashionistas forget to shower before they step into their poly-clothes, ugh!) but then that might not be very elegant.

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