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(Instep Today, April 18 2014)

The overwhelming aura of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

The overwhelming aura of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Photography by the amazing Faisal Farooqui

Fashion week is primarily about collections, looks and trends that are set on the catwalk. Everything looks polished, glamorous and picture perfect. But there’s always a side you don’t get to see or hear. Here are some unbelievable facts that we recently stumbled upon…

Body Odour Alert! How glamorous the turn out always is! How gorgeous do people at fashion week look and dress, pushing creative boundaries in trying to stand out. Unfortunately some women will spend hundreds of thousands of rupees on designer clothing but will skimp on a 200 rupee deodorant before stepping into their high heels. When you’re stuck in that long line, struggling to get in, you’d be better off holding your breath to avoid that deadly whiff!

Wanted: A Full Minty! Fashionistas always love to pack their purses (albeit tiny ones) with their makeup back up, gloss and usually gum. To facilitate the chewing gum part, there was an abundant supply of Mentos and oral strips in the Sunsilk Survival kits passed out to frowers at fashion week. Sadly, not everyone got the message. Now is when a face mask would really come in handy! Can the sponsors kindly start distributing deo-sticks and face masks too!

Baby Boo-ers! Flashing lights, loud music, shoves and pushes to your seats and general delays that could mean you’re at the venue till midnight. Doesn’t paint the picture of a child-friendly place, does it? Then imagine one’s shock when you see several sightings of women carrying almost newborn babies into the main show area. Now, one can understand a woman’s passion for fashion but surely it shouldn’t come at the risk of your child’s auditory senses.

Scuffles and skirmishes: Catfights, yes, we always expect backstage drama and the models never disappoint. But to see a hurly-burly man carrying a chair over his head and chasing another man all over the venue is a bit bizarre. But it did happen, resulting in (thankfully) no broken bones but a smashed and stomped-upon mobile phone as well as an exchange of some colourful expletives! You might want to rethink taking the kids to fashion week again!

Cheap thrill seekers: Fashion week is hardly a Mountain Dew ad that you’d attend for a dose of adrenalin. But for many people – those who beg, borrow, steal or even plagiarize invites – it is the most exciting event on their calendar. Hence we see men leaving their dull offices early to hang around and catch a glimpse of a barely-there model or brush-up against some social beauty in the row. Can the council start screening the lechers out, please?


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