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Something Haute

YouTube recently hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with four of Pakistan’s top YouTube content creators – including Something Haute.

The virtual event was attended by media persons and three other YouTube platforms namely Ducky Bhai, Sistrology and Street Food PK. The aim of this special and historic event was for Google — YouTube’s parent company — to recognise and highlight the fastest growing YouTube channels in Pakistan; Something Haute being one amongst them.

The discussion began with the Country Director of Pakistan at Google, Farhan S Qureshi, sharing valuable insights with content creators and the media.

“Over 55 percent of the viewership of Pakistani YouTube channels comes from outside the country. The number indicates that the content created by Pakistani YouTubers is highly popular all across the globe,” Farhan said.

He also shared that overall growth of 35% was recorded on a yearly basis as more than 300 channels now have more than 1 million subscribers. Over 4500 YouTube channels now have more than 100,000 subscribers, registering a growth rate of 45%.

Qureshi also revealed that popular Pakistani YouTube channels are now making over PKR 1 million annually, recording a growth rate of more than 140% year-over-year. He stated that YouTube encourages its content creators to grow financially stable.

During the panel discussion, the content creators also shared their personal YouTube journeys as to how they started it, how they managed to build a community, how it [YouTube] had changed their life and where they stand today.

Something Haute’s Aamna Haider Isani shared that she quit her job to focus more on the content creation on YouTube. Despite her being not tech savvy, her channel garnered good viewership, encouraging her to post more videos. Reflecting on how she managed to build a community, she said that she was absolutely overwhelmed when over 50 people turned up to meet her at a meet-up session in DC, United States.

It was an honour for Something Haute to be included in this panel; a nod from Google means we’re doing something right and it was great to be recognised for it.

Watch the video to find out more:


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