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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) recently issued a notice to TV One raising concerns over ‘objectional content’ in the currently airing drama serial, Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi. The drama which is based on social issues prevalent in our society is far from ‘objectionable’ and hence the cast and many people from the television fraternity expressed their disappointment on the notice.

Veteran actor Simi Raheal also took to Instagram to show her disappointment over the decision of the regulatory authority. The body has directed the channel to review and modify the drama’s content according to the censorship guidelines issues, however Simi has clearly expressed on archaic and problematic these ‘guidelines’ are.

“Government guidelines want this brilliant content modified into what???! Oh I see… they want to see domestic conflicts, black magic, illicit relations between family members, aspiration of young girls achieving material affluence by any means!” the actor wrote.


Simi Raheal


Simi also hinted at how PEMRA allowed a number of senseless talk shows on various channels that follow no guidelines, but is restricting storytellers who are giving good TV content.

“Oh wait, government guidelines also want talk shows with no guidelines! Yes yes, shoot down storytellers, remove good narrative from the screen, remind the future media professionals that we need to live in a negative myopic land call Lilliput!” she added.

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“Yes please, adhere to guidelines… Do not showcase social ills, human trafficking and all the heinous practices we continue! Dil na umeed tou nahi nakaam hi tho hai… lambi hai gham ki shaam laikin shaam hi tuo hai…” she concluded quoting the famous couplet of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.