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The wait is almost over and the viewers will finally get to see Ali Rehman Khan and Madiha Imam’s on-screen chemistry in their upcoming drama Safar Tamam Hua on Hum TV. The teasers and OST for the drama, directed by Shehrazade Sheikh and penned by Rahat Jabeen, are finally out.

“It is a family drama with a bit of suspense about these five characters whose lives are changed forever following one incident,” Ali Rehman, the lead actor had earlier shared about the plot in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

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He had shared that he plays a very sweet character whose life is suddenly changed when all odds are stacked against him. That is exactly what we see in the teasers and OST. The plot revolves around a family where actors Ali Rehman Khan, Madiha Imam, and Syed Jibran play first cousins.

Judging by the teasers, it looks like Safar Tamam Hua revolves around love, loss and complex relationships. Madiha and Ali’s character are in love with each other, however, life has something else in store for them.

The love remains but the dynamics and name of their relationship changes. “While love cannot be replaced, relationships are replaceable,” says Madiha’s character to Ali’s in the first teaser.



The second teaser introduces other characters played by Samina Ahmed, Saife Hassan, Syed Jibran, Haris Waheed and Maha Hasan.



Maha Hassan plays the character of Rija, who appears to have a developmental disability. Her character is loved by all in the family, especially Sami (played by Ali).

Safar Tamam Hua stars Ali Rehman, Madiha Imam, Syed Jibran, Sonia Nazir, Haris Waheed, Aisha Gul, Maha Hassan, Zoya Nasir, Samina Ahmed, Ainy Zaidi among others.

Listen to the OST below: