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Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s exceptional storytelling has delivered impactful documentaries over the years. While the two-time Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist continues to shine on the global stage and makes our nation proud, Sharmeen Obaid is once again in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, the three-time Emmy winner launched ‘Pakistan’s Museum of Food’ in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and the British Council. This first-of-its-kind digital museum weaves together storytelling, cutting-edge technology, as well as the rich and vibrant culinary landscape of Pakistan.

Touted as the largest and most comprehensive exploration of Pakistani cuisine online, ‘Pakistan’s Museum of Food’ features more than 9,000 images, over 90 videos, and 100 plus stories, along with recipes from the diaspora, an essential contribution from their UK-based co-creators, W.M.Legacy, who help showcase the culinary heritage of all the provinces of the country and beyond.

According to the press statement, this digital museum allows visitors to explore a virtual gallery that presents carefully selected films, dynamic photographs, and cherished recipes. Moreover, the project not only aims to put Pakistan’s rich culture and heritage on the map but also documents the amazing evolution and progression it has gone through over the years.

Speaking at the launch, Project Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy shared that Pakistan’s culinary heritage is an intrinsic part of our cultural identity. However, with the passing of generations and the challenges brought about by climate change, various domestic practices and traditional recipes are at high risk of being lost.

“In response to this looming crisis, we embarked on a mission to not just reminisce about the flavors of yesteryears but to actively preserve and revitalize the vanishing recipes and customs that define our past. We hope that this project will inspire people to explore, appreciate, and enjoy the vibrant culinary culture, lineage and food practices of Pakistan, as well as to contribute their own stories and recipes to this living narrative,” she added.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and her team, along with Google Arts & Culture, explored the genesis of iconic dishes across all five provinces in order to capture the true essence of Pakistan’s culinary and cultural diversity.

Visit the website and get ready for an interactive and immersive experience to explore and develop a deeper connection to Pakistan’s diverse culinary inheritance that bind us together.


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