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As a brand Sapphire has put the market for ready to wear in Pakistan into spin cycle. It’s true R2W clothing: easy to access, abundant, affordable and trendy. Spearheaded by Elan’s Khadijah Shah for the Sapphire group, Sapphire has hit the jackpot when it comes to winning combinations. It would be overindulgent to say it’s perfect because a little bit of versatility in the styles would be welcome however, when it comes to print, palette, quality and value for money, Sapphire is a super hit.


So this Freedom collection comes as a welcome way to dress up all of August. There are seven designs in all, for both men and women, and the tunics and kurtas will help you tap into the patriotic in you with ease and aplomb. We all need occasions to dress up and nothing better than Independence Day. So we do recommend a trip to Sapphire before stocks run out. In fact, we’ll visit tomorrow morning and report if stocks are already low!



Sapphire - Freedom Collection 3



Sapphire - Freedom Collection 4


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