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A woman can never be thin enough and her skin can never look young enough. Most of us die trying. But technology is racing ahead and there are new products and procedures promising to keep us from aging everyday. Every new range comes with new properties, as is the case with Carol Joy London that is now being offered at the Toni&Guy flagship salon in Karachi. The new range was launched two days ago, introduced by Saeeda Mandviwalla, Director of Toni&Guy (Karachi) and Jo Givens, Head of Carol Joy in London. While the introduction of a new beauty brand is thrilling enough, the launch discussed how Carol Joy has some exciting products to offer the women of Karachi. It’s an exotic line, featuring Algae/Caviar masks, collagen eye masks and the infamous Golden Millet Oil that is licensed by Carol Joy. Sounds expensive? Well, as L’Oreal would say, “You’re Worth It!”



Givens explained how Carol Joy is basically an anti-aging brand, where they focus on creating products using scientific technology and clinical research to ensure skin protection against signs of aging. The brand is the first and only brand in the world to use Golden Millet Oil, which is considered highly organic and healthy for the skin.
Givens performs a demonstration of the facial using OxySystem technology

Givens demonstrates a facial using OxySystem technology



The products have been engineered in Switzerland, Mandviwalla spoke to Something Haute after the launch, and the quality is at par with La Prairie or La Mer, she reassured. It’s nature’s most exotic ingredients enhanced by specialized technology. She explained how scientific facials targeted fine lines with the product, massaging them under the dermis with the help of machines and manual techniques such as acupressure. They also use the OxySystem technology, which is imported from Italy and uses 100% pure oxygen on the skin to give immediate hydration. “It’s the purest form of oxygen, the type used in hospitals,” Mandviwalla added. Just listening to Saeeda explain the regimes was tempting enough.



There is a range of services available at the salon (starting at 5000 rupees per session) and Carol Joy is also introducing a wide variety of products that are good for keeping the skin fresh and hydrated. Givens demonstrated the use of a pure collagen mask for the eyes; the collagen mask promises to reduce dark circles and puffiness in less than fifteen minutes, which makes it ideal to handle late nights out. The brand is also aiming to launch a full collagen body spray by next year, which according to Mandviwalla, is like “having Botox at your fingertips.”
Saeeda with Gill

Saeeda with Gill Atkinson, Deputy Head of British High Commission in Pakistan


The ladies were confident that the product will work well with Asian skin just as well as European skin because the products constitute a nice blend of chemicals that suit all skin types. Givens pointed out that most women with oily skin try to stay away from the use of moisturizers as they are afraid of making their skin oilier. “If you use products that make your skin ‘dry’, what you’re essentially doing is causing your skin to produce even more oil to replace the natural oil that is being stripped away by these artificial products.” Gill Atkinson, Deputy Head of the British High Commission, Karachi, inaugurated the event, claiming that she’s confident that the brand will do well as most British brands are quite successful in Pakistan.



– By Manal Faheem Khan

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