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Netizens are baffled after seeing actress Resham’s recent viral video, and that too for several reasons. The actress was seen throwing fish meat, bread, and even plastic in the river. This caused an uproar on social media, and Resham was criticized for feeding the fish bread — which is bad for fish health as it contains too many carbs — and secondly for throwing the plastic wrappers in the river.

Watch the video of what happened here:


Twitter was baffled by the actress’s laxity. Here is what they had to say:

#RESHAM Stop throwing plastic in the rivers .. please stop polluting ..”

“I am genuinely surprised seeing #Resham this unacceptable act because I thought she is a bit more educated than the rest of them. Serious disappointment.”

“#Resham should be fined for this stupid and insensitive act of ignorance harming the water life. Why the hell she is feeding water species with bread??? Bibi they were not born in burger family. And for God sake why you recording these videos of feeding life under the water ???”

“Good deed with a worst gesture! She threw plastic material into water stream that will ultimately disturb aquatic ecosystem. #Resham You must apologise and dump that plastic material somewhere else appropriately. #ReshamDestroyingAquaticlife @WWFPak @S_KhursheedShah”


“Please stop these pathetic performances. 2 loaves of bread and their wrappers and a packet of meat and it’s packaging.. Bravo”

“#Resham is feeding them plastic also 🤦‍♀️ Someone please knock some sense in these celebs. #SayNoToPlastic #PlasticWaste”

“#RESHAM Naiki Kar darya mein daal (Plastic) kr rahe hai lakn kesi ne video bana li.”

“#RESHAM Stop throwing plastic in the rivers .. please stop polluting ..”

“My heart sanked everytime she threw the shopper along , stupidity & irresponsibility at its peak! She’s not only wasting the food which is meant for humans but also risking marine life by plastic induction #resham”

The bottom line is that the public in general, especially celebrities, need to put into educating themselves about the environment and the aftermath of our actions on society. One can let go of this as an honest mistake with the hope that this doesn’t happen again.

What are your thoughts on this?

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