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The controversial tell-all Reham Khan book has been released online and all hell is about to break loose…

Titled Reham Khan, the 563-page biography is said to feature the main events and struggles that she has faced while being married to PTI Chairman, Imran Khan.

“This story touches on sensitive issues, both political and social, and the author has had to resist extreme bullying, harassment and life-threatening situations to bring it to you,” Reham had said earlier. “There are powerful people who do not want you to hear it – because it shows all too clearly that there are those in political office in Pakistan, and all over the world, who are not driven by a desire to serve the public but rather by venal ambition.”

The book caused disturbance even before its release due to its controversial description of  Imran Khan as well as other well-known personalities such as Wasim Akram. It had been declared to act as a plan to harm ex-husband and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran’s Khan’s reputation ahead of the upcoming general elections.

“This is a story of survival with a smile,” reads the description of Reham’s biography on Amazon.


The book is available in paperback in the UK and select territories and in ebook format worldwide while a shorter pirated PDF version consisting of 365 pages has been doing rounds on the internet following Reham’s announcement regarding her book’s release on Amazon.

Check out our bizarre revelations from the book tomorrow, so stay tuned!